IQ4: The “Best” Metal Detector Series

Optimized detector mechanics, true Variable Frequency technology, progressive electronics and a better, faster Auto-Learn brings considerable performance gains over prior generation IQ3+ST search heads. Even in challenging applications, such as a heavy-metalized film product, great sensitivity can be set-up with Auto-Learn and inspected without the need for further optimization.


► Robust “Designed to Survive” as Standard

An improved lip and screen, a new sealing arrangement, proven ultra-harsh mechanics and a “beyond” IP69K rating makes the IQ4 search heads hygienic; easy to clean; and super-tough being able to survive harsh food production environments, whether they are hot, freezing cold, dry, dusty or wet, or a combination of them all!


► Modern and Intuitive

A new 7” color touchscreen as standard on every model, a crisp and freshened up interface, and enhanced functionality help deliver a much-improved user experience, helping to minimize user errors and make light work of inspection.


Meet the New IQ4 Search Head

Faster, Better Auto-Learn
With signficant improvements in signal processing, the new Auto-Learn rapidly delivers excellent detection sensitivities out of the box and provides more line uptime than ever before

7” Color Touchscreen
Standard across all of the IQ4 range, the big 7” touchscreen offers 33% more space than previous generation metal detectors

Engaging User Interface
The newly designed interface provided across the entire range makes light work of setting, running and maintaining the IQ4 range and

A Step-up in Performance
Optimized mechanics and improved product screen help to deliver performance improvements over prior generation detectors

Robust “Beyond” IP69K Rating
An improved lip, screen, and new blue sealing arrangement, combined with ultra- harsh mechanics proven from the IQ3+ range, make this one of the toughest and factory-friendly metal detectors on the market

Enhanced  Functionality
DDS vector display, “Optimised for Aluminium” PVS improvements, conveyor control, support for enhanced biometric security all help increase the usefulness of the IQ4 series