• SAFE: Delivers product safety to the end consumer as well as operational safety during use
  • Durable: Tough, robust and reliable systems designed specifically for any food production environment
  • Flexible: Capable for a variety of inspection needs with multiple inspection algorithms as well as unique Adaptive Array Technology
  • Friendly: Easy operation, factory and environmentally friendly, helps deliver low cost of ownership


X-ray Inspection systems also offer a great range of benefits including:
  • Detect a much wider range of contaminants
    Great detection of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants
    Reliable detection of glass, bone, ceramic/stone, dense plastics & product clumps, and other foreign bodies depending on relative densities of the contaminants
  • Can reliably inspect products in aluminium trays or metallized foil packaging
    Can detect stainless steel and non-ferrous in food packed in metal foil or in aluminium trays without any interference from the packaging
  • Check the integrity of products being scanned
    X-ray systems can simultaneously inspect for the integrity of the product, which includes missing items, excess products (by volume/count), and x-weighing.


X5- Series

X5C X-ray system complete with a reject station with full retail compliance

X5 PACK X-ray system, complete with a reject station is designed to be used with packaged product up to 25kg in weight

X5 XL X-ray system is designed to be used with large products such as meat in euro crates

X5 X-ray Pipeline is designed to be used with free flowing product such as meat slurries or soups and is great at detecting bone fragments

BulkFlow X-Ray system is designed to be used with loose products such as potatoes and peanuts